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Scrolling Traffic Alerts (numerically)

  • Following National Routes are delayed or closed due landslides and/or bridges:
  • Route 5:  Tibas-San Jose will have regulated traffic during the construction of a new bridge over the Rivera River…
  • Alternate routes are: entering the road behind Walmart exiting at the Esmeralda Oreamuno School or to EPA onto Mi Parcela Restaurant and exiting at the Llorente crossroads.
  • Route 34:  Roadworks w/ regulated traffic on coastal road (Punta Naranjo to Managua & then Parrita to Pozon) during Feb & Mar between 6am and 5pm.
  • Route 39 (San Jose Ring Road):  Two lanes are open in both directions, but the section between the Hatillo crossroad's traffic lights and Pavas remains closed from 9pm until 5am for nightime road work.
  • Route 126 (La Paz Waterfall):  Open as normal.
  • Route 142 (Tilaran/La Fortuna):  Open, but regulated traffic flow.
  • Route 150:(Nicoya-Calmital):  Bridge over River El Armado will be closed between 6am and 6pm for repairs.  Cars use alternate crossing during work.  Take the coastal road.
  • Route 225 (Tucurrique/Pejibaye):  Open, but chance of partial/total closed periods as work continues.
  • Route 238 (Laurel/Cenizo de Laurel):  Closed.
  • Route 239 (San Jose/Puriscal):  Regulated traffic at Alto Quitirrici.
  • Route 708 (Sarachi/Rio Cuarto):  Closed.
  • Resurfacing work on the following roads mean regulated traffic between 9pm until 5am.  Work duration depends on weather conditions.
  • Route 101:  from Auto Mercado in Moravia to the Tibas crossroads (Route 5).
  • Route 102:  from Parque de Moravia to Auto Mercado in Moravia.
  • Route 109:  from Plaza Lincoln to the Calle Blancos crossroads.
Exchange Rate

1 USD = 533.0350 CRC
Weather Conditions
Conditions for San Jose, CS at 12:58 am CST 18 Dec 2014
Partly Cloudy and 74
Vamos is your low-cost alternative to international rent a car franchises.

Stretch your vacation budget even farther!  Start by saving a dollar or more on each rental
charge.  From the daily rate to insurance to all the additional fees, it can really add up fast, but
it doesn't have to.  Make a thrifty choice and pay less for your vehicle by renting from Vamos!
Our clients enjoy safe, dependable 4x4s and sedans with savings of up to 60 percent – a real
bonus in today’s world economy!

Our discounted rates include NO HIDDEN FEES, as well as other free perks; such as: cell
phone, extra driver, cooler* and roof racks.*  Our customer service continues after you pick
up your vehicle.  Experience the Vamos difference and see why we get solid reviews on such
sites as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet!     * additional items must be requested when making your
reservation, so that we may minimize any delay at time of delivery

p.s. No pressure, but we do sell out at certain times of the year, especially national holidays. 

Click here to reserve online or call us at 1-800-950-8426 to speak with Tiziana, Alex or
Max in our San Jose office; Anibal keeps our office in Liberia running smoothly.  Each of them
will be more than happy to answer your questions.

All promotions, special requests and customer feedback are managed by George, so please
feel free to leave your constructive comments on Vamos’ Facebook Fan Page so we can work
together to remedy your issue promptly.

If you have something extra nice to share, please leave us a glowing comment on Vamos’
Google+ page for the world to read.  Thank you for your patronage and we hope to see YOU
in Costa Rica very soon!

"Vamos Rent-A-Car was my choice based on positive comments here, choice of vehicles, the fact that you don’t get a new car that stands out like a target for thieves, and price.

I was completely happy with my experience with Vamos...Friendly staff, on time greeting at airport, perfect.

I will rent from Vamos again.  They did not ask me to write a review, but were happy when I said I would.  Nice folks, straight shooters.  Vamos in Liberia rocks.

Dec 9, 2013
posted on TripAdvisor

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