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Why Rent a Car from Vamos?

We offer many extras to make your driving experience in Costa Rica a safe and comfortable one…and best of all, they're FREE of charge.

We want to provide a top-quality service and not an opportunity to tack on charges to your rental bill.  We currently offer…


For most of us, the idea of leaving the house without our cell phone is unthinkable.  We are accustomed to be in and able to contact anyone -- wherever we may be.

At Vamos-Rent-a-Car, we believe that your vacation should be no different.  We provide a free cell phone for the duration of your vehicle rental, so that you'll have the reassurance of knowing that one of our highly-qualified, representatives is only a push-button away, should you ever need us.  While we hope this will not be necessary, we want to provide you with service throughout your car rental period, so feel free to call us for inquiries -- such as directions to a destination.

Unlike many countries, Costa Rica's telephone company is nationalized and not part of a competitive market.  For this reason, many visitors find that their cell phones are useless here as they do not have a compatible server.  Another issue that visitors face, when using cell phones from outside of Costa Rica, is that the telephone bill at the end of the trip can be enormous.  Calls are often charged as if they had been made from the visitor's home country, rather than as a local call from within this country.  Although visitors are normally aware of this, the bill can still be a shock when they receive the bill.

Why not avoid the hassle and limit your vacation stress by simply using one of our telephones?  You can either use our free service and take the cell phone as a precaution in case you ever need to contact us, or pay a nominal fee to use the phone as your own while you're renting the vehicle.  By using one of our ICE cell phones, you can be assured of coverage in all areas of the country where it is available and without the huge cost for every call.


With the freedom to travel to the least visited, yet beautiful spots in the country, you do not want to be searching for a store every time you want a cold soda to cool down.

We know that traveling can be thirsty work and that's why we provide a free cooler along with our cars, so you'll have your refreshments with you!  For those holidaymakers with self-catering accommodations, the cooler is a real money-saver as it allows you to take all of your basics from one place to the next without the expensive and tiresome chore of repurchasing basics every time.

This is the environmentally-friendly option which we know our clients are always keen to use and we want to do all we can to preserve the nature that Costa Rica is famous for.  Our coolers are cleaned and reused, whereas the cheap Styrofoam coolers quickly disintegrate and pollute our environment.  Please request cooler at time of reservation to guarantee availability.


Recent Costa Rican legislation means children aged 12 or under must travel in an age/weight appropriate seat: baby seat, child seat or booster seat.  We will provide the appropriate seating for your child free of charge, which gives you peace of mind about their safety while traveling.  See our Child Seating Chart to help you decide which category you require.

It also ensures that you are within the country's legal requirements, saves you the inconvenience of traveling with a bulky child seat on your flight and provides you with more baggage allowance.  We know that traveling with children is greatly rewarding, but at times exhausting, so we are pleased to offer you a simple, free solution to one of our main driving concerns while you are here.

Our child seating, like our cars, is meticulously maintained and cleaned thoroughly after every use.  Since we have limited availability, the first Baby / Infant seat is complimentary, unlike other rental companies who charge up to $12 per day.  The charge for each additional seat is only $1.95 per day.  Please request baby / infant seat(s) at time of reservation to guarantee availability.


Now that you have your rental car to take you from Salsa Brava to Witchs Rock and down to Pavones, all you need is a surf rack to make our vehicle complete.  You can travel with your boards -- safe and secure from damage -- strapped onto our free surf rack.

Travel in comfort by freeing up interior space for you and your passengers.  Your surf rack comes with no additional cost to you, unlike other rent a car companies who charge up to $3 a day.  Straps are not provided, unless you wish to rent our Sea to Summit brand of tie down, cam straps with neoprene buckle covers.  A pair (2) of blue straps (15’ long) rents for $5 for your entire vehicle rental duration.  Please request roof racks (and straps) at time of reservation to guarantee availability.


If you are traveling with more than one qualified driver, then it is only fair that everyone could take a turn at the wheel without it increasing the cost of your rental.  Driving in shifts allows you to drive further in a day, so you can see more of the country during your stay.

Of course, this also means that everyone gets a turn to be the passenger and enjoy the beautiful scenery while you are traveling.  Besides, sharing the challenge of map-reading during your journeys creates fun-filled stories to tell.  This is without any extra cost to you.  Other rent a car companies will charge for each additional driver, adding unnecessarily to the cost of your car rental.  We want your driving experience to be safe and enjoyable.  Relax, we're working hard to reduce your rental bill!
Free Map


Vamos Rent-A-Car has another smart idea to help you have the most enjoyable driving vacation possible in Costa Rica.  Plan your trip in advance -- with ease and in the comfort of your own home with a high-quality, waterproof Costa Rican map from Toucan Guides.

To aid in a safe and manageable journey, arrive with a clear idea of your trip's itinerary and how long it will take to get there.  The greatest advantage of this map over any others that you may purchase is that it includes street maps of cities.  This additional feature will help you to negotiate the town roads of Costa Rica which are frequently without signposts, street names or even numbers.

Like all of our value-added services that we offer, we are pleased to offer our North American customers this useful map free of charge (normally $11.95 plus shipping and handling).  All you need to do to get your perfect planning tool is to provide us with your shipping address when you reserve your vehicle.

Please Note:  A mailing address is not a booking requirement; however, in order for you to receive your complimentary map, we do need it.  So that this map arrives at your home BEFORE your trip to Costa Rica, we'll need to receive your mailing address a minimum of 9 days PRIOR to the start of your trip  Please send us an email at or call 1-800-950-8426 to provide us with your mailing instructions -- if you did not already do so on the reseervation form.
It is not the destination but the journey that counts, so enjoy yours!
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