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Long-Term Rentals                 

Long-Term Car Rentals Costa Rica

  • Do you need a long-term rental car for 30 days or more?
  • Do visit Costa Rica several times a year and would like a Frequent Client discount?
  • Do you own real estate in Costa Rica, but have not (yet) purchased a vehicle?
Here at Vamos Rent-A-Car, we realize that an extended car rental fee can result in a rather large expenditure, but that is where our rates can save you a significant amount of money.  We can help you achieve remarkable savings on your next monthly (or longer) rentals.

Perhaps one of these examples represents your current situation.
  • You own property in Costa Rica, but have either not driven, shipped, or purchased a personal vehicle yet.
  • You visit Costa Rica several times throughout the year and would like repeat client benefits?
You too can benefit from our special rates – just like so many of our numerous satisfied customers.

We can offer further reductions to our already competitively low rental rates by offering you our Frequent Client discount if you repeatedly require our services.  Please contact one of our representatives at to be pleasantly surprised by our special pricing.

Car Leasing Costa Rica

We are happy to offer very appealing and competitive lease rates to our customers who will be in Costa Rica for six months or more.  Leasing a car from Vamos saves you from many of the headaches of car ownership, yet without the high cost of daily, or weekly, rental fees.  We also provide a number of invaluable services:
  • Free Parking at Our Main Office (located just 2 minutes from the airport).  This can save you approximately $20 a day on parking fees just to have your car parked in a secure lot near the airport.
  • Complimentary Substitute Car (during scheduled maintenance; maximum 12 days/year).  Easy and hassle-free use of a ’loaner’ car while your usual vehicle is being maintained, but you will still have the convenience of your own transportation and will not have to rely on costly taxi fares or the discomfort of public transport.
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Plan.  Vamos maintains our own fleet so you will know that your vehicle is in the hands of a mechanic whose only motivation is to have your car in tip-top driving condition – and not looking to make a profit from you and your car with unnecessary changes and charges.  Everything down to the oil changes will be taken care of by our highly trained, in-house mechanics, while you continue your daily routine.  Pura Vida!
  • Marchamo and RTV Coverage.  Vamos will save you the expense (and inconvenience) of the obligatory annual check for the road-worthiness of the vehicle that you are using as your own.  Let one of our representatives wait in line while you continue in freedom with the use of one of our complimentary vehicles.  Likewise, you can smugly drive past the long lines of drivers waiting to pay their annual road tax, knowing that Vamos has it all under control.
  • Coverage for Damage or Theft of the Vehicle (with deductibles).  Drive carefully, but with the reassurance that should something happen, you are covered!
  • Countrywide Roadside Service.  The idea of trying to orchestrate a tow truck or mechanic to rescue you from your on-road mechanical emergency while you’re on your travels is daunting to say the least, but also imagine the expense...  It is a relief to know that help is just a phone call away and it will be provided by competent and trained professionals – not a mechanic whose eyes light up with dollar signs at the sight of a stranded gringo!  We do our best to be on-the-spot ourselves, but should you be out of town, we will ensure that speedy service reaches you, or that you are reimbursed for any reasonable mechanical expenses incurred, so that you can be back on the road ASAP!
  • Free Cell Phone and Additional Perks.  Other rent-a-car companies charge clients for the use of a cell phone, child seat, roof racks or ice box, but Vamos’ policy is firm on this point: No Hidden Extra Fees.  These services are available to our long-term lease clients when they are requested during the reservation process.  Should you wish to use the cell phone as your own during your rental period, rather than simply as a method of reaching out to a Vamos representative 24/7, it is all yours!  You will only be charged for calls made to numbers other than to any of the three Vamos branches (San Jose, Liberia, and/or Dominical).

You will benefit from:

  • Low Deposit.  When you are a Vamos client for an extended period of time; the savings add up!
  • Lower Insurance Premiums (vs. normal Rentals).  You are covered under the same practical and secure coverage that you would expect from an experienced and customer-orientated company like Vamos Rent-A-Car.
  • Hassle-Free Driving.  No burdens of the advertising and legal process when you want to sell or upgrade your car.

At the end of the lease contract, you may either return the car to Vamos Leasing or purchase your vehicle at the price agreed upon at the beginning of your contract.  We find that our clients often find that their needs, expectations and intentions can change dramatically in the course of their extended stay in this tropical paradise.  As such, our long term leasing contracts allow flexibility so that we can adapt our vehicle rental and sales to your changing requirements.

We aim to fulfill the needs and requirements of each of our customers and will arrange a lease package to suit single clients or large businesses – all depending upon your budget and length of stay in Costa Rica.

Check Out Our Current Lease Offers
*Rates may vary according to lease term"

Toyota Yaris
Gas Sedan
Automatic or Manual Transmissiona

Monthy Payment
Rates based on season/duration.
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Lease Initiation
Suzuki Jimny
Gas Compact 4x4 SUV
Manual Transmissiona

Monthy Payment
Rates based on season/duration.
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Lease Initiation
Daihatsu Bego
Gas Intermediate 4x4 SUV
Automatic or Manual Transmissiona

Monthy Payment
Rates based on season/duration.
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Lease Initiation
Mitsubishi Montero Sport
Diesel Full Size 4x4 SUV
Automatic or Manual Transmissiona

Monthy Payment
Rates based on season/duration.
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Lease initiation
Toyota Prado
Diesel Premium 4x4 SUV
Manual or Automatic Transmissiona

Monthy Payment (Manual)
Rates based on season/duration.
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Monthy Payment (Automatic)
Rates based on season/duration.
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